What are patients saying about Get It Straight Orthodontics?

At Get it Straight Orthodontics, we’re not just another Chicago area orthodontic practice; we’re a Chicago area orthodontic practice that is designed just for you! Our practice is welcoming, friendly, and fun, and we treat our patients in a caring, professional, and gentle manner.

Last week, we asked you, our wonderful patients, what you most liked about Get it Straight Orthodontics. Well, we received some pretty great reviews, and thought we’d share a few with you today. Please feel free to contribute your own thoughts about our office! Dr. Warshawsky and our entire team love getting patient testimonials!

"(Dr. Warshawsky) is the best at what he does. I trust him." ~ Cherie K.

"Close to home and to public transportation, friendly staff, love being able to access my stuff online." ~ Renita C.

"Dr. Warshawsky is up front and doesn't beat around the bush at all about anything." ~ Deneace M.

"That office runs like a well oiled machine. The staff is quick and efficient." ~ Jane P.

"Dr. Neil is just absolutely THE BEST OF THE BEST—as much professional as possible and as much personal as you can expect from a friend who tells you everything exactly as is!! And not to forget of course MEGAN—WITHOUT Megan—Wrigley office wouldn’t be as warm and friendly as is. After 18 months being a patient every time I have an appointment it looks as visiting“old” friends! And of course other stuff shouldn’t forget to give credits also THEY ARE ALL GREAT!!!" ~ Mark F.

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