SureSmile makes a guest appearance on ABC’s “The Doctors”

Last fall, on an episode of ABC's "The Doctors," Dr. Thomas Lee of Oxnard, California, was interviewed in front of a live audience and demonstrated SureSmile technology and discussed treatment benefits for orthodontists and their patients. Dr. Lee's 14-year-old patient, Nina, who had just completed SureSmile treatment, was part of the segment as well, and spoke positively about her SureSmile treatment experience.

SureSmile is a software program that facilitates the precise positioning of a patient’s teeth placement for orthodontic braces. The average treatment time with SureSmile is almost 40% faster than that of conventional braces! Did you know that Get It Straight Orthodontics is a certified SureSmile provider? We even have a few great patient testimonials on our YouTube channel from actual SureSmile patients. Give us a call to ask for more information or schedule your appointment today!

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