Ancient Mythology meets Orthodontia?!

Today's adventure was a guided tour of the ancient city of Jaffa. We learned that Jaffa is a Tell, which literally means Mound. A "Tell" is an area where one civilizations builds their habitat upon the ruins of a previous civilization. Over time the area looks like a mound. There are several other distinguishing characteristics like it needs to be on a major road or Path. In this case, Jaffa is one of the first ports to ever grace the Mediterranean Sea. It preceded the City of Tel Aviv and even had its own fresh water supply which traveled almost 22 kilometers to reach the city. The old city is now beautifully restored and is an art colony. We enjoyed walking the quaint streets of Jaffa and experiencing its culture and wares. The best part of Jaffa though had to be the view of the coastline of Tel Aviv.[gallery link="file" columns="2"]

Following Jaffa we ended up at the market in Tel Aviv. The markets are so alive, it is just wonderful to walk the streets, soak, up the culture, and sometimes just talk a break and sit down and enjoy a small "nosh".

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