Evidence that Canaanites brushed their teeth!

Day 3 of the adventure of a lifetime brought Dr. Neil and his family to the City of David, the starting point of Jerusalem.

Just outside of the location of the Western Wall is irrefutable evidence of the City of King David. The dig is still active, and it is obvious as you walk through it. Evidence predates this city prior to the old City of Jerusalem. Why was it important? Simple, they had the water source/spring. What is simply astounding was that they dug a tunnel to bring the water from the spring under the city almost 1400 meters through solid rock. It ended in Retention pond, which is called Shiloah's pool. This tunnel was dug by hand by 2 teams from 2 different directions and yet they were successful. Along with the tunnel for the water (Called Hazekia's Tunnel) they had a second tunnel to walk underground, as well as a third tunnel for sewage. The Sewage tunnel just opened about 90 days ago and we were able to walk it. Pretty cool stuff.

[caption id="attachment_342" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Archeological finds clearly show that these are man made foundations"][/caption]

Just keep in mind I am not such a religious person, yet I found this stuff fascinating. Next, we saw the location of the Last Supper, certainly a location of interest for people of many faiths. It was directly over King David's supposed tomb. While there we witnessed a Cardinal from the Vatican visiting Jerusalem as well.

[caption id="attachment_344" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Stone that marked the spot where 2 teams of diggers in ancient times met."][/caption]

Afterwards, we spent our afternoon touring the Yad Vashem museum, which contains the history of the Holocaust. This is the third Holocaust museum I have now visited and certainly one of the most moving. Staying politically neutral, I will just say it is impossible to deny that this genocide occurred. Yet there are people today that say just that. What I find most interesting is the intense focus to record the "survivors stories," as only approximately 25% of the survivors are still living. Initially many of the folks did not want to talk about it, as it hurt too much to discuss. Unfortunately, now so much time has passed that they need to talk about it, so that everyone knows their stories and it never happens again. Unfortunately, based on stories in Darfur, etc., the world has not learned this lesson yet. Therefore, memories must be recorded to be shared with the children of the world for their own sake.

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