Who benefits from Incognito™?

Dr. Neil Warshawsky and Dr. Colleen Kristofor, serving Chicago (Lakeview and Hyde Park), Lincolnshire and Orland Park, IL, are pleased to offer our patients Incognito lingual braces. Our team is always receiving questions about Incognito, which is why we wanted to discuss today a few of the unique benefits of this new orthodontic treatment. To begin, Incognito is placed behind your teeth, rather than in a visible area. Because of this, no one will ever know that you are wearing braces! This unique type of lingual braces is created using state-of-the-art technology and is entirely customized to the shape of your teeth. Hence, you can improve your smile efficiently and effectively in a discreet new way.

Who especially benefits from Incognito?
• Athletes
• Models
• Actors
• Musicians, especially those who play wind instruments
• Adult professionals

For more information on Incognito and treatment options at Get It Straight Orthodontics, please request an appointment today!

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