Beware of dangerous trend

There is a trend that has been causing concern with orthodontists and it should be put to an immediate stop. It is widely known that braces are not easy on the wallet, but teeth movement should be left to the professionals. This new trend has people trying to fix their own teeth with using cheap finds such as rubber bands.

Trying to give yourself braces is very dangerous and can cause a lot of damage. Teeth are connected to the gums and the blood supply so there is a risk of infection, tearing the gums which might not heal properly. This could damage the attachment between the tooth and gums, so the tooth no longer gets the support it needs. There have been some cases where somebody forgets about the rubber band and it moves up into the gums. This could lead to bone loss, root damage and ultimately result in teeth falling out. In the end, you might have to pay a whole lot more than braces in order to fix the damage.

Orthodontists go to school for many years, which takes a lot of work, to gain the knowledge needed to correct teeth. You wouldn't perform any type of surgery on yourself, so why risk affecting your teeth in a negative way. If money is an issue, many orthodontists will have payment options available to help.

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Dental Implants Atlanta says:

Proper tooth care must be handled by professionals because they know the ins and out of the process that they are doing on your teeth. If you do tooth maintenance on your own then you'll probably do more harm than good on your teeth.

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