Emergency- poking wire

A common emergency that happens to patients in the beginning of their treatment is wires poking. Since having braces is something new and patients are not used to it, this might become a big discomfort.

Wires are changed every few weeks or even months and as time passes, the wires become stronger. Usually the first two wires tend to be flexible, which leads to wires sliding out of their bracket slots. Brushing your teeth and eating can also be a factor in the wires moving around. Assistants bend the end of wires to try and prevent this from happening, but that isn't always the case.

We highly recommend calling the office right away when it happens. They will try and fit you in as soon as they can, but there are procedures you can do at home until then. Wax is usually provided at the bonding appointment. Place a bit of wax on the end of the sharp wire. Another quick fix is using clean tweezers to try and slide the wire back in. For this procedure, you should be very careful and gentle. This can only be accomplished on the beginning flexible wires. Don't try and slide the heavier wires because it may lead to brackets popping off.

Remember that this is a common emergency, because as the teeth are being moved around, the wire will also be shifting.

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