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Shorten Your Time in Braces with AcceleDent and Get It Straight Orthodontics!

December 5th, 2012

Dr. Neil and the rest of our orthodontic team here at Get It Straight are excited to announce our practice now offers the AcceleDent System! AcceleDent, the first and only orthodontic micropulse device of its kind, has the ability to help move our patients’ teeth 38%-50% faster than usual.

Orthopedic doctors have been using micropulse technology for years, but it just recently became available for orthodontic care. The AcceleDent System consists of a light, comfortable, hands-free appliance that patients use for 20 minutes per day. Its gentle microvibrations help stimulate bone movement.

Ask Dr. Neil or any of our staff if AcceleDent might be right for you!

For more information, check out www.acceledent.com.

Hygienist Event - November 12, 2012

November 28th, 2012

On November 12, 2012, Get It Straight Orthodontics hosted an event for hygienists at our Lincolnshire office!

Hygienists from the Chicago area joined us for an evening of refreshments and informative lectures related to our practices and the latest in orthodontics.

Dr. Ketti Boller spoke to the group about AcceleDent, a new product that speeds up treatment time for our patients with braces. Keep an eye on our blog for more information about AcceleDent coming soon!

Dr. Jennifer Haskell discussed the best age for children to visit the orthodontist. The hygienists learned about different types of orthodontic appliance systems from Dr. Neil. These appliances that we use help make our practice unique in the orthodontic field!

Check out our Facebook page for more photos from this event.

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 21st, 2012

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we would like to wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy a day filled of friends, family, and great food.

We are very thankful for all of our patients and their families. We’d like to know, what are you most thankful for this year? Leave us a comment, or if you have any stories, photos or recipes to share with us, we encourage you to share them below or on our Facebook page!

How Long After My Braces Come Off Should I Wear My Retainer?

November 16th, 2012

Braces are an investment in your smile. When your teeth reach a desired straightness, you’ll have a beautiful smile, but it’s important to keep it that way! You can accomplish this with a retainer.

A retainer is a small, custom-fit device that reinforces the new position of your teeth after your braces are removed. But for many patients, especially the youngest ones, wearing a retainer may seem like an annoyance. So exactly how long after your braces come off should you wear your retainer?

Graduation of Wear Time

When we remove your braces, we will evaluate the condition of the bone structure surrounding your teeth and determine how well it is adjusting to the new position of your teeth. For the first few months, we may require you to wear your retainer both day and night, except during meal times and for brushing and flossing.

As the bone and gum tissues adjust to your new smile, we may determine that you need to wear your retainer only at night. After about one year of wearing the retainer every night, you may be able to take a couple of nights off each week.
However, we do not recommend ever stopping permanently. To best secure the position of the teeth, especially through future extractions and oral health changes, wearing your retainer a few nights a week will be necessary for many years.


If you are concerned about your appearance when you wear a retainer, there are many that can be worn discreetly. You could choose a clear plastic one that is less obvious during the months immediately following removal of your braces. When you change to night wear only, clear wire retainers are available for minimal visibility as well.

Remember, wearing your retainer is an investment in your smile. If you fail to wear it consistently, the tissues that support your teeth will be unsupported, and you may begin to experience noticeable shifting. You've worked hard to get that beautiful smile — your retainer will let you keep it!

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