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What to expect during your consultation, from Get It Straight Orthodontics

August 24th, 2010

When you first come in for your initial consultation at Get it Straight Orthodontics, your doctor will conduct a comprehensive examination to assess your oral health. This will better enable us to determine the best treatment method for you.

Your orthodontic evaluation will consist of an oral and facial examination to assess your oral health. We will have you take intraoral and facial photographs as well as panoramic and cephalometric X-rays to help determine the proper orthodontic treatment method. Then, an impression of your teeth and bite will be taken to construct a model of your mouth.

At your second appointment, we will discuss your options with you. Our team feels it’s important to take the time to carefully examine your diagnostic records after your consultation so that Drs. Neil, Colleen, and Bock can more thoroughly prepare for your treatment at Get It Straight Orthodontics. This additional preparation will ensure that you receive the best orthodontic care possible. At this time, we encourage you to ask us any questions you may have about your treatment.

If you are seeking orthodontic treatment for your child, our staff asks that both you and your child attend the initial consultation. We feel it is important that both you and your child completely understand your doctor's recommendations before we proceed with treatment.

Give us a call today and schedule a consultation! We look forward to hearing from you!

Eating healthy at the ballpark this summer, from Get It Straight Orthodontics

August 17th, 2010

This summer, as you and the family head out to the ball game—whether it’s to see the Chicago, IL Cubs or the local tee ball game, it’s important to remember to make smart, healthy choices when it comes to snacks. Here are some tips you can use to avoid greasy, ballpark foods:

1. Eat before you go!

2. What are you drinking? Water is always a cheap, refreshing option. Gatorade, Powerade and VitaminWater work as well, though keep in mind their sugar levels.

3. Bring your own snacks. Remember that these must be in unopened packages when you enter the gates.

4. Before the game, get some exercise. You’ll be sitting for two- to three hours at the game, so be sure to take a walk or a light run before you head out.

5. Calories, calories, calories. From hot dogs to fries to pizza, the ballpark stands typically sell high-caloric foods. But most venues will also offer healthier options, such as crab cakes, chicken sandwiches, turkey wraps or soups and salads.

Enjoy the game!

Access your account any time at Get It Straight Orthodontics

August 10th, 2010

Access to your account, 24/7. Sounds simple and convenient, doesn’t it?

Patients at our Illinois offices enjoy access to their account 24 hours a day, seven days a week—all through our Get It Straight Orthodontics website. You can look up your appointments and all of your account details at your convenience, all from the comfort of your own home! You can even receive appointment reminders through email or text messages! Take a look at a few patient reviews about this service:

"This service helped me to confirm my appointment after I received calls from the office, but no messages. I also like the fact that all my photos and x-rays are on the site and that I'll be able to see and show others the progress." ~Chris

"I was able to see the complete details of all of my payments, my next appointment and a slide of how my teeth are changing, which i found very thrilling." ~Rosanna

"Ortho Sesame allows information readily at my fingertips and a few clicks of the mouse." ~John

You, too, may sign up for this convenient service on our website by clicking on the "Patient Login" button on our homepage. Please give us a call if you have any questions about getting started!

Drs. Neil, Colleen, and Bock on the importance of retainers

August 3rd, 2010

If you recently completed treatment at Get It Straight Orthodontics, we’d like to congratulate you! Now that your braces have been removed, Drs. Neil, Colleen, and Bock will provide—or have provided you—with retainers. After braces are removed, teeth can shift out of position if they are not stabilized. Retainers, however, always provide that stabilization. They are designed to hold teeth in their corrected, ideal positions until the bones and gums adapt to the treatment changes. Wearing retainers exactly as instructed by Drs. Neil, Colleen, and Bock is the best insurance that the treatment improvements last for a lifetime.

To learn more about the advantages of wearing retainers after your orthodontic treatment at Get It Straight Orthodontics, please read this helpful article about retainers from KidsHealth or give us a call!

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