Love your teeth We miss you!!!

It is really easy to stay in contact with friends, family, and even people all around the world, nowadays, thanks to social media. There are so many different social sites out there, it really is hard to keep up. At Get It Straight we are working hard to stay in contact and inform our patients through our multiple networking sites. Patients can use our social sites to see what’s new happening at the offices, and see where is Dr. Neil off to next. We also like to have fun with our patients, whether it’s through contests, patient events at the office, or social sign photos.

We have developed fun silly signs for our patients to take pictures with their phones and post it on their social media. They are welcomed to tag us on those pictures through facebook, instagram, and twitter. If patients are part of our rewards program, we also give them points for just taking the pic. So if you haven’t done so, come not only for your regular scheduled appointment, but also to take pictures with our social signs!


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