In-House Aligners


While full orthodontic treatment is right for some patients, sometimes it only takes a few aligners to get the teeth realigned. With the Get it Straight in-house aligner system, we offer a fast turnaround for clear aligners while also providing affordability.  

We are asked frequently about the direct-to-consumer companies that create clear aligners such as Candid or the Smile Direct Club. These cases are built off a single scan. Given that there are no bonded attachments to engage the aligners more tightly, and given that these patients are unable to have contouring done on their teeth, there is a moderate to high failure rate for people who have moderate to severely spacing or crowding.

We leverage our scanning technology to scan your teeth mid-treatment to help keep your treatment on track. Within a few minutes, we know if your smile is tracking well. If it is not tracking well, we can recalibrate and re-create a new treatment path from the point of the scan that day. Efforts like this help to keep the average treatment time for a clear aligner case under a year.

Additionally, we scan all finished cases in our practice. This is very helpful if you lose a retainer. A simple phone call can set the ball in motion to print a 3D model of the finished case so that a replacement retainer may be made.  


Our office utilizes several different movement-accelerating technologies to help cases to track better and sometimes to finish faster. Using soft pulse technology, advanced next generation multilayer material, micro-osteo perforations, and infrared light, you can actually reduce the time it takes to complete your case. Yes, you heard that correct. You can request to expedite your care and finish faster at Get It Straight!


Dr. Warshawsky has been instrumental in helping develop several different aligner systems. A user of the Invisalign system since 1999, he garnered a plethora of experience in clear aligner therapy early on. He is an original member of their Century Club, the top 100 Invisalign® users. He used his experience with aligners to master the Essix technique—the system that Invisalign was based upon. Dr. Warshawsky taught the principles of the Essix technique for Dentsply for almost a decade.

Today, Dr. Warshawsky is a key opinion leader for 3M Oral Healthcare, and speaks regularly on several topics ranging from the Clarity™ aligner system to patient-centric care.